Premium Tray for Group 31 Batteries

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Enhance your  Group 31 Batteries with premium trays. Stamped aluminum construction, marine-grade coating, and convenient slot design for easy customization. Order today!


Premium Tray for Group 31 Batteries

Upgrade your battery setup with premium trays  for Group 31 Batteries. Sturdy stamped aluminum, multiple configuration options, and included straps. Learn more!

Drewcraft Battery trays are stamped aluminum with marine grade powder coating, Mounting holes are pre drilled and recessed, Trays have slots on end and sides to allow multiple configurations, each tray will come with at least one strap.

These trays are Pressed Aluminum with Marine Powder Coating  

13″ x 6 3/4″ Inside




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What Size

One 100/125ah, Two 100/125ah, Three 100/125ah

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