HD Rubrail Lighting System



We are excited to announce the release our next generation HD Series of patented rub-rail lights which are 100% Made in the USA. The HD stands for High Definition and High Durability. The new HD series is considerably brighter than our previous systems and is unmatched in their durability. This is all accomplished while still being manufactured with 100% marine grade products. Lastly, the HD Series will come with a 2-year warranty to any customer who buys the product new.


  • Rubrail Lights® products purchased from an authorized dealer come with a 2-year Warranty against manufacturer defects.LED lights installed within your  Extreme Rub Rail Light System, deck, and compartment lighting systems are warrantied for 2 years from the date of purchase as long as the purchaser owns the boat. Damage caused to RubRail Light products due to negligence by the boat’s operator or using the products in a manner for which they were not intended are not covered by this warranty. Damage caused by excessive impacts with docks, trees, other boats, etc. are not covered by this warranty.Warranty claims must be submitted to an authorized dealer or directly with RubRailLights.com by calling 502.428.6721.

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