Ionic Multi Voltage Charger 24V10A, 12V10A



Ionic 36/12 volt Battery Charger

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Ionic Multi Voltage Charger 24V10A, 12V10A

Charge Two Marine Batteries At Once

Keep Your Boat Batteries Charged Conveniently

When you’re hours from shore and the boat battery dies, your perfect weekend turns into an absolute nightmare. That’s why prepping for the trip with a reliable battery charger is so important.

LithiumHub’s 2-Bank Marine Charger gives you the power you need to enjoy your time on the water; conveniently and reliably.

So, what type of boat charger do you need? And aren’t they expensive? Well, most of them are, but a rare few happen to be both affordable and high-quality. Enter the 2-Bank Marine Charger.

The 2-Bank Marine Charger can charge two lithium, AGM or lead acid batteries simultaneously.

It’s extra lightweight, affordable, and capable. With this charger, you’ll save loads of time and enjoy the simplicity of charging your batteries with a strong and reliable multi-bank marine battery charger. Let’s explore the benefits.

Benefits Of Owning The 2-Bank Marine Battery Charger

  • While most bank chargers are for 12V batteries only, this can charge one 24V and one 12V Lithium (LiFePo4) battery at 10A at the same time.
    Green and Red indicator lights for charging status. (Green: Power or Charging Completed. Red: Charging).
    Lightweight and low profile design.
    Can also be used for 2-3 bank charging system.
    Can be used for lead acid or AGM batteries.
    Ionic Lithium app shows charge level and time to charge when using Ionic Lithium Batteries.
    60in (5ft) cable length on each bank.
    First-class Warranty.
    LithiumHub 30 Day Return Policy and free shipping.
    For safety reasons, the charger times out and stops charging after 72 hours of continuous use. This is indicated by blinking red LEDs. To activate the charger again, simply disconnect and reconnect the power cable.

The 2-Bank Marine Charger Advantage

The 2-Bank Marine Charger is capable of charging one 24V and one 12V lithium at once. No electrical problems, no design flaws — nothing but easy, battery charging power. It’s designed for success, and we’re sure you’ll get nothing less from it. (And even if you did, your purchase includes a one-year warranty for the product.)

The 2-Bank Marine Charger is one of the first on-board boat chargers with the ability to charge lithium batteries, which is great, but what if you have lead-acid or AGM batteries? No problem at all — the versatile 2-Bank Marine Charger works for them too. Also, you don’t have to place the batteries right next to the charger, because the 2-bank lithium battery charger has five-foot cables on each bank, giving you some reach to work with.

Our boat charger has lights that indicate the charge level. A red light means the battery is still charging, while a green light means it’s complete, plus, with Ionic Lithium Batteries, the Ionic Lithium app will tell you its charge in real-time.

Some battery chargers are bulky, heavy, and awkward, but the 2-Bank Marine Charger only weighs eleven pounds; the lightest of its kind. On top of that, it’s small: the battery charger measures 12in x 9.5in x 2in.

Lastly, the 2-Bank Marine Charger is affordable. More affordable, in fact, than just about any 2 bank marine battery charger on the market. Besides the excellent warranty, the battery charger comes with the LithiumHub 30 Day Return Policy and free shipping. So is it worth it? We think so, but we’ll let you do the math.

Is The 2-Bank Marine Battery Charger A Good Investment?

Boats can be quite the investment, so it’s good to weigh each cost and choose wisely.

It really boils down to a couple things. Can you get away with having a low quality battery charger you don’t trust? And do you need a multi-bank marine charger to begin with?

This is how we see it. First, if you like saving a lot of time and enjoy the overall convenience of being able to charge one 36V and one 12V lithium at a time, a multi-bank boat charger is definitely in your wheelhouse.

Second, if you don’t want to miss out on a great boating weekend because of a dead on-board marine charger (not to mention the joys of searching for another not-so-cheap charger), you’ll want a good, reliable charger that stands the test of time.

So quality is also a must. But you don’t want to spend more than you have to either, and most multi-bank battery chargers are the polar opposite of affordable.

It’s the combination of all these things that makes this charger, in our humble opinion, the best option on the market.

Ultimately, we know you value convenience and quality, and your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we’re proud to make products like the 4-Bank Marine Charger, which has lived up to customer expectations every step of the way.

The Ionic 2-bank lithium charger, charges one 24V and one 12V lithium batteries individually at 10A on each channel. The charger can be used for, 24V or 12V systems.  This charger can also be used to charge lead acid or AGM batteries.  The 2 bank charges to 14.6V by constant current at 10A then floats to 13.8V.  Weighing only 11lbs with a size of 12in x 9.5in x 2in gives this charger a low profile and is one of the lightest chargers on the market.

Makes a great charger for Ionic Batteries and lead acid batteries.

Makes a great Fast charger for the following LithiumHub Batteries36V 50Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery