Ionic Lithium 16V 52Ah | Marine Electronics/Sonar LiFePO4 Battery + Charger




Ionic Lithium 16V 52Ah | Marine Electronics/Sonar LiFePO4 Battery + Charger

  • Designed for forward-facing sonar technology & dedicated power for sonar units
  • Added voltage & dedicated power provide the clearest image possible on your sonar screen.
  • Includes a dedicated 16V charger for seamless operation
  • Ruggedized metal construction built to endure more
  • Built-in mounting solution for easy installation in the front compartment of your boat, ensuring optimal proximity to the sonar screen/black box
  • Slim design allows for mounting in your rod locker, out of harm’s way, no wire-splicing necessary
  • Highly reliable in diverse & rigorous conditions
  • Maintains a higher voltage for longer durations compared to competitors
  • Silent operation – functions independently & silently
  • Quick connect positive/negative posts with quick-screw wire securing system
  • Industry Best 11-Year Warranty for peace of mind


Tired of poor performance? Cluttered images on your screens? Power up your sonar electronics with our marine-grade 16V lithium battery. It offers dependable, long-lasting energy for clearer exploration. Tailor-made for enthusiasts who demand precision and durability, this battery isn’t merely an accessory—it’s an essential upgrade, ensuring your sonar screens deliver unmatched clarity and performance.

A 16V lithium battery helps make the display on sonar and other marine electronics clearer. It’s not just about the higher voltage; lithium batteries (LiFePO4 not lithium-ion) play a crucial role in powering and improving the functionality of the device in use. Here’s how a 16V system accomplishes that:

Stable Power Supply

A 16V battery provides a more stable and consistent power supply to electronics, which is crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of sensitive equipment like forward-facing sonar and marine electronics. Stable battery power helps prevent fluctuations and drops in electronic performance, which can affect the clarity and detail of the information displayed.

Over time and with extended use, especially under high demand, traditional 12V battery systems can experience voltage drops, which might affect the performance and clarity of electronic displays. A 16V battery system can sustain higher voltage levels for longer periods, ensuring that electronics operate within their ideal power range.

Enhanced Signal Strength

Some marine electronics can benefit from the higher operating voltage by producing stronger signals. For sonar units, a stronger signal might translate into better penetration and clearer returns from underwater structures, which improves the overall clarity of the sonar image.

Dedicated Power Source

Using a dedicated 16V system for your marine electronics means they’re less likely to be affected by power draws from other equipment on the boat. This isolation can prevent interference and noise that might degrade the quality of the product, electronic display, and signal clarity.

Silent Operation

Enjoy a peaceful boating experience with our lithium battery’s silent operation. Designed to function independently, it works seamlessly without contributing any additional noise, ensuring a more serene atmosphere on the water.

Designed for Optimal Positioning

We understand that the effectiveness of your sonar technology hinges on the strategic placement and use of your power source. That’s why our 16V battery features an innovative built-in mount, enabling seamless integration into the front compartments of your boat. This close proximity to your sonar screen not only boosts signal quality but also optimizes your setup for efficiency and aesthetics. With LithiumHub, your equipment is perfectly aligned with your ambitions.

Your 16V Battery: The Complete Power Package

Every Ionic 16V battery comes with its dedicated 16V charger, providing a holistic power solution right from the start. This charger is specifically designed to match the battery’s high standards, promising quick, efficient charging without compromising longevity. Together, they ensure your sonar system is powered up and ready when you are, maximizing your time on the water.

Experience the Difference with LithiumHub’s Lithium Batteries

Choosing LithiumHub’s 16V battery system means embracing innovation that’s tailored to enhance your marine electronics. Our product offers a unique blend of reliability, efficiency, and pioneering technology providing an unmatched advantage on the water. Whether you’re charting unknown territories, competing in fishing tournaments, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the sea, our power system ensures that your equipment is a reliable companion on every voyage.

Step into the future of marine electronics with LithiumHub and transform your aquatic experiences. With our battery system, the power to explore further, fish longer, and navigate with confidence is at your fingertips. It’s been engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver exceptional performance, so you can explore the depths with confidence. Plus, with our dedicated 16V charger and built-in mounting solution, installation and charging are a breeze, so you can spend less time worrying about your equipment and more time enjoying the open water. Power up with LithiumHub and set sail on your next adventure with the assurance that your marine electronics are supported by the best in the business and are going to work as intended.


Model IC-12V125-EP4S
Voltage 16V
Capacity 52AH, 832 WH
Chemistry LiFePo
Weight 17.1 lbs (7.75 kg)
Dimensions 14″ (L) x 8″ (W) x 4.19″
Life Cycles 3,000 @ 80% DOD
BMS Yes (Internal)
Max Charge Voltage 18.25 ± 0.1V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 10V
Max Charge Current 25A
Max Discharge Current 25A
Operating Temperature -20~60℃-4℉~140℉
BCI Group Size None
Terminal M6 Threaded Post
Water Rating Water Resistant