Ionic Lithium 12V S9 1400 CA LiFePO4 Marine Starter Battery Bluetooth




Ionic Lithium 12V S9 1400 CA LiFePO4 Marine Starter Battery Bluetooth

  • Ionic Lithium 12V S9 1400 CA LiFePO4 Marine Starter Battery Bluetooth
  • Dependable cranking battery for both center console and offshore boats
  • For engines 250hp to 450hp (but can be used for smaller engines as well)
  • 1,400 cranking amps
  • 70% lighter than lead acid batteries & more compact
  • Has 2-4x the service life of lead acid batteries (3000-5000 cycles)
  • Always know the status of your battery with Bluetooth technology
  • Equipped with an Advanced Battery Management System (BMS) with power terminal cut-off & recovery
  • Cell balancing & low voltage/over voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Plug & play ready – easy drop in replacement
  • Weighs just 14.6 lbs
  • Energy efficient w/ 99% Depth Of Discharge (DOD)
  • Features a special emergency start function, with 25% of the battery reserved for emergency purposes
  • Comes with 5 year limited warranty

Ionic Lithium 12V S9 1400 CA LiFePO4 Marine Starter Battery Bluetooth

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Ionic Lithium 12V S9 1400 CA LiFePO4 Marine Starter Battery Bluetooth

The 12V 40Ah is one of the most powerful lithium cranking batteries on the market, capable of taking on some of the bigger boats. Engines up to 450hp are no sweat. It’s solid, safe, and simple to monitor your battery via Bluetooth.

But surely there’s a “catch,” right? No battery could be this good. There must be some downside, like bulky sizing or back-breaking weight. Not the case with this battery. Forget finding a catch – this is the catch.

Your cranking battery is what brings your boat to life. Without a battery, it’s just a dust-collecting dock decoration.

But not just any battery will do. You need one that won’t weigh down your boat, that doesn’t require maintenance, and that effortlessly fires up your engine. Good news: you’ve found it.

For offshore and center console boats, our 12V 40Ah battery is the ideal starting battery. Like all of our marine batteries, it charges five times faster than lead acid, and maintains that charge for much longer than other battery types.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Battery Features

Think a hefty battery equals a better battery? Think again. Weighing in at just 14.6 lbs, this lithium cranking battery is remarkably lightweight for the amount of power it delivers.

That’s incredible, especially when you consider the fact that lead acid 12V 40Ah batteries weigh at least double. Switching to lithium is an easy way to cut down on weight (which saves money in gas!) and minimize the amount of space you’re using in your center console boat. Not to mention it saves your back from lugging around a 26-pound traditional lead acid battery.

But back-saving isn’t the only super power of this power pusher. Our lithium cranking battery also cranks out anxiety-busting safety features such as:

  • An integrated microprocessor-controlled battery management system (BMS).
  • Microprocessor monitors main operating parameters while safely charging and discharging (voltage, currents, internal temperatures, etc.)
  • Smart capabilities prevent overcharging, or charging when temperatures are too low. This helps prevent damage to your battery.
  • Bluetooth function: connect your battery to your smartphone wirelessly and view data like battery status and charge left.
  • Emergency start mechanism (see details below)

State-of-the-Art Safety: Emergency Start Feature

Ever been stranded at sea with a cranking battery that won’t start? Here’s to hoping you never experience such bad luck. Actually, you don’t have to leave it to luck. With a smart lithium cranking battery, you can make sure that your engine starts every time.

The unique emergency start function saves 25% of the battery reserve for emergency start purposes. To start your engine up in an emergency, just reactivate the battery with the Ionic App on your phone or a long press of the battery’s emergency start button.

12V 40Ah Lithium Battery: How Does it Compare to Other Battery Types?

When you invest in a new battery, you want one that lasts. Not one that has to be replaced just a few years later. All those replacements add up, even if they aren’t costly up front. You’ll end up spending more money in the long run.

Maybe it’s time to choose quality over “cheap”. Our 12V 40Ah lithium battery is built to outlast the competition but comes at a competitive price. With a cycle life of 3,000 to 5,000 cycles, it’ll last roughly 10 years depending upon usage. Think about it – that could mean 10 whole years without having to replace your battery.

But that’s not the only reason why our 12V 40Ah lithium cranking battery comes out on top. Other battery types just can’t provide the same amount of efficiency. For example, lithium batteries have a 99% usable capacity. You can spend all day out on the water and not even come close to draining your battery. How much usable capacity does lead acid offer? A measly 50-60%.

Our Lithium Batteries Vs. Other Brands

How does our 12V 40Ah lithium battery (and our other lithium batteries) compare to other lithium brands? Like the winner in an Olympic race. All those runners race well, but only one wins. We offer a winning combination of top cell quality, performance, and longevity. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • High-Performing Cells: Although cheaper cells do exist, we’ve chosen to use only top quality cells in our products. Sure, cheap cells can save a buck. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.
  • Smart Batteries. We’ve outfitted our batteries with smart Bluetooth technology. Never worry about your battery status again! You can access important data in a flash via your smartphone.
  • Certified and Trustworthy: Our 20Ah cells pass the following certifications: UL1642, IEC62619, UN38.3.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Our factory meets the industry standard and holds the ISO Certification (ISO9000/14001/ OHASA18001). We produce, test, and pack our batteries in our own facilities, guaranteeing quality every step of the way.
  • Extensive Testing: We ensure our batteries deliver great performance in a variety of conditions.
  • Exceptional Service: When you contact Drewcraft, you’ll speak to a real person, right here in the USA. Our lithium battery experts can answer your questions and help you choose the right battery for your application.