Golf Cart 48 Volt 27Ah High Power Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

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Golf Cart 48 Volt 27Ah High Power Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

Ionic 48V 27Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery: Exceptional Value & Unrivaled Performance

Golf cart in middle of golf course.Golf Cart 48 Volt 27Ah High Power Deep Cycle Lithium Battery
Golf cart motors can easily maneuver all day, when powered by our 48V 27Ah Lithium battery. And don’t forget about our Ionic Bluetooth App, which makes it easier than ever to track the life of your battery. All from your smartphone!

The Ionic 48V 27Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery is one of the most advanced lithium deep cycle batteries available on the market. It also comes with an impressive 11-year battery warranty to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind. We’re in it for the long haul.

Features World-Class Safety Measures

The Lithium 48V 27Ah Battery is ideal for high power needs and deep cycle systems. All of our Ionic batteries feature an integrated microprocessor-controlled battery management system (BMS). Ever heard of a smart battery? This is it! Our advanced system monitors critical operating parameters such as voltage, current, & internal temperatures. Functions that are vital for safe charging and discharging. So sit back and relax…your battery can take it from here.

Need to connect more than one battery? No problem! Ionic deep cycle batteries can be connected in parallel, as many as needed for further range. A single 48V 27Ah can expect a range up to  ~12 Miles with our Ionic single 48V27Ah battery.  Put another 48V27Ah in parallel and with two batteries expect a range up to ~ 24 Miles.

Built To Outlast The Competition With Longer Life & More Efficiency

These batteries are designed for high performance aftermarket golf carts that boast maximum power and acceleration. Another feature that sets them apart from nearly every other golf cart battery is an incredibly high discharge current. We’re talking up to 500A discharge on a single battery. Put two batteries in parallel and you’ll have over 1000A discharge on a 48V system. Put more batteries in parallel and you guessed it…even higher discharge current! And keep in mind, these batteries aren’t just for high performance golf carts, but ALL regular 48V golf carts. On average, our 48V 27Ah battery lasts a whopping 3,000 to 5,000 cycles. This equates to roughly 10 years of battery use. Cycles are the number of times your battery is fully charged and then discharged.

Most lead acid batteries have a usable capacity of 50-60%, meaning you have to charge them much more frequently. Ionic Lithium LiFePO4 batteries have a usable capacity of 99%. Talk about efficiency!

In addition, Ionic batteries can perform well in a wider range of temperatures. They can discharge between –20°C to 60°C (–4°F to 140°F) and charge between temperatures 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F). And don’t worry, if your battery is too cold to charge, the system will automatically recognize this.

Incomparable Weight To Power Ratio

Our Ionic Lithium 48V 27Ah battery measures: 10.2″ (L) x 7.1″ (W) x 10.4″ (H). And it weighs a very manageable 33.1 lbs. Unlike lead-acid batteries that come fixed, our 48V 27Ah battery comes with 3/8th thread terminals that allow it to be installed in any direction.

With an impressive 1-3% monthly discharge rate, your cycle will go much further. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries usually discharge 30% per month.

48V 27Ah Battery Common Uses

Looking for a battery that’s incredibly lightweight and compact? Our 48V 27Ah battery may very well be your best answer! If you’re looking to propel your golf cart or other high power 48V systems for solar or telecom look no further.

More of a solar enthusiast? It can also be a great fit for solar setups, small commercial equipment and more. Learn more about your lithium 48V 27Ah battery in our blog post, The Best Golf Cart Battery: Lithium Or Lead Acid?

Other important things to note: 

  • The maximum charge voltage for our 48V 27Ah battery is 58.4V, with a 42V discharge cut-off voltage.
  • The max charge current is 30 amps and the max discharge is 150 amp /500 amps (3s).
  • Solar chargers can be used! (Not sure which charger is best? Check out this post.)
  • Most standard lead-acid chargers without a “Desulfate” mode can be used (so long as the current levels do not exceed the lithium battery charge requirements).
  • Your 48V 27Ah battery can be completely charged with a standard lead-acid charger that achieves 57.6-58.4 volts.
  • Chargers with a voltage of fewer than 54.4 volts will only charge the battery to 50% capacity or less.

Battery Specs

Model IC-48V27-HP
Voltage 48V
Capacity 27Ah, 1,382Wh
Chemistry LiFePo4
Weight 33.1lbs (15.0kg)
Dimensions 10.2″ (L) x 7.1″ (W) x 10.4″ (H)
Life Cycles 3,000 @ 80% DOD
BMS Yes (Internal)
Max Charge Voltage 58.4V ±0.1V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage ~32.0V
Max Charge Current 30A
Max Discharge Current 150A
Peak Current (3S) 500A (3S)
Operating Temperature -20~60℃
BCI Group Size 0
Terminal 3/8-16 NMC

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