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Gatorbak Kits

Kits come with everything you need except boards.
Sold in Pairs with screws and end caps included

No more wet, dirty, damaging bunk carpet

Bling it up with the Gatorbak Clear Bunk Covers, Light Kits also Available

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Our Product Description is as Follows:

GBRE350 is a 3.5” wide cover by 1.5” deep with a ¾ of an inch rounded edge
for Phoenix Boats Gatorbaks are sold as a complete kit.


Gatorbak is always working to answer the mail when it comes to customer requests. Many different types of bunk shapes are used in the boating industry. Most high quality manufacturers have specific designs to the bottom of their boats that makes them perform better for their individual customer needs. The same areas of the bottom that contact the water has to contact the bunks for storage as well. The hull bottoms come in a variety of widths and sizes to help each boat design to work well on the water. Gatorbak has the ability to work with our customers and OEM’s to find exacting solutions to these needs.

The GBRE350 is designed with rounded edges to fit bunks that are 2 x 4 on flat and have a ¾ rounded edge.  Manufacturers have used this design in the past and this design is currently in use for Phoenix brand bass boats. We have worked to create a cover that fits these bunks snugly and will keep the factory characteristics for trailering.

All Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Covers are made from our proprietary custom synthetic compound of 100% virgin raw materials, manufactured in the USA. Our products are made to be durable and soft. They are designed for use with any type of hull finish for the ultimate protection for your investment. Deep ribs in our proprietary design allow water, debris, and other harmful materials to easily rinse away, keeping them away from your hull.

  • UV resistant
  • Anti-Microbial
  • 3 year limited warranty    
  • Available in standard lengths of 5, 6, 7, 8, 10.5 , 12, and 14 foot sets.  
  • Available in Gray, Black, White, Premium Clear.

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Boat Model

618, 619/719/819/919/19PHX, 920/XP/Elite/721/20PHX/, 921/21PHX/Elite