Emergency Start




IONIC permanent mounted “Emergency Start” is capable of jump starting ATV, UTV, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers, cars, trucks, SUV, boats with engine seizes up 7.2L gas and up to 4.0L diesels. This also includes powersport vehicles, 4 cylinders, inline 6, V8 and V10 engines.
You can mount the Emergency Start on the top or side of the vehicle starting battery. When the time comes to need a jumpstart for your vehicle, simply long press the push button on the unit or use the APP on your smartphone to turn ON the unit to start your

  • Jump start your car without ever leaving the safety of your driver’s seat
  • The Ionic Battery’s smartphone app is user friendly and will get you started right away
  • Feel safe knowing you, your family, and your friends will not be stranded with a dead battery anymore thanks to Emergency Start
  • Charged by vehicle charging system
  • Auto-detect disconnect from vehicle drain
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s, boats and more
  • HI Power – Works on engines up to 7.2L V8 and small diesels (4.0 MAX)
  • Permanently mounted on the vehicle’s starter battery and easy to move to another vehicle if desired
  • Stays fully charged and ready to assist the battery when needed
  • Jumpstart your vehicle manually or by Bluetooth from your smartphone
  • Waterproof design – IP67
  • 1 Year Warranty

Cranking Amps 1600A
Cold Cranking Amps 800A
Weight 1.7lbs
Size 6.5in x 3.5 in x 1.75 in
165mm x 89mm x 44mm