DD26 Fishing Trolling Motor Carpet Saver Pad




The DD26 Fishing Trolling Motor Carpet Saver Pad features a soft and protective surface for your trolling motor support arm. Saves your carpet from tearing and sunk in pockets. No drilling into the deck of your boat required. Simple and functionally protective! The low profile soft pad allows you to step on it without tripping, cutting or burning those bare feet!

Micro-Dot traction, comfort and protection
UV Protected
Closed cell EVA foam
Peel and stick backing
6 colors to match your boat
Works with most trolling motors
Functional Bling!

If you have a prior carpet divot where the arm has sunk down the carpet and padding, this piece will keep the carpet from more damage and tearing but will obviously show a dip where the sunk in part was prior to application.

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Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Gray, Yellow, Snow Camo