Trollbridge 24

The Trollbridge 24 allows you to charge your 24-Volt trolling motor batteries from the 12-Volt alternator on your main engine, your trailer hookup, or any single or multi-output 12-Volt charger. It is designed to allow using your starting battery as one of the two (2) trolling motor batteries. It works automatically by connecting the 12-Volt starting battery and the 12-Volt trolling motor battery in series for trolling motor mode and connecting them in parallel for charging mode. It is bi-directional, so when not trolling, the second trolling battery backs up the starting or house battery. When using the starting batteries as one of the trolling batteries, you should be alert to the charge remaining so you can start the outboard motor. Using a higher capacity starting battery can help.

Features & Specifications

• Run outboard motor/trolling motor at the same time

• Manual switching feature between charging

and trolling motor modes is available

• Uses the starting battery, for a 2-battery setup

• Rated for 12-Volt alternators up to 150-Amps

• Rated for 24-Volt trolling motors up to 85-Amps

• Green LED indicates 24-Volt output active

• Optional remote indicator compatible

• No voltage drops so batteries reach full charge

• No voltage drop so motor gets full power

• No modification to alternator or 12-Volt wiring

• No diodes to burn out if accidentally shorted

Allows automatic charging of 24 volt trolling motors from a 12 volt alternator.

Download the Manual

Download Manual