When it comes to mounting our LED flexible strip lights (AKA: tape lights) there is no better sealant than GT Products 2100.  This is a non-slump one-part silicone that cures to a tough elastomer when exposed to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. GT 2100 may be applied to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces without sagging. GT Products 2100 will adhere without a primer to many clean substrates such as (oxime) system and has no offensive odor. Because no corrosive by-products are evolved, GT Products 2100 will not corrode metals and can be used in contact with mortar and cement.

GT Products 2100 features excellent resistance to heat, cold, water, ozone, and ultra-violet rays. It remains flexible and does not crack or harden. GT Products 2100 contains no solvents and has negligible shrinkage during cure. GT Products 2100 is useful over a temperature range of -75°F to 450°F for extended operation and for intermittent periods up to 500°F.

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