IONIC 4amp LifePO4 Charger 4-1


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The LiFePO4 chargers are constant current, constant voltage (CCCV) “Smart” chargers for 12V LiFePO,  standard, GEL, AGM or lead-acid batteries. “Smart” chargers stop charging once it reaches 14.6V.  Then goes into a trickle charge.  It’s designed to maximize the life of your lithium battery.

  • 12V LiFePO 4A charger works with any of our batteries up to 30 Ah
  • Can be used to check the level of charge of your battery without having the AC power cord plugged in.
  • 4 in 1 Smart Lithium Charger (Can be used for standard, GEL, AGM or lead-acid batteries with settings)
  • Low Temperature mode: When temperature is below -10 the charger can facilitate rapid recovery of the battery capacity
  • Ring terminals sized to fit 3/8th inch battery posts.
  • Max Charge Voltage 14.6V
    Max Charge Current 4A
    AC Inputs 110V 60Hz
    Weight 4.5lbs (2.0kg)
    Dimmensions 8.62″ (L) x 7.25″ (W) x 4.5″ (H)
    219mm (L) x 184mm (W) x 114mm (H)

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