Garmin GPSMAP 1222 non -touch Anti-Glare Graph Glass



Garmin GPSMAP 1222 non -touch Anti-Glare Graph Glass

DISCLAIMER: The Anti Glare screen protectors have more of a matte finish to them in order to reduce the glare on the units. This can reduce how crisp of an image you are seeing from your unit.

Graph Glass Tempered Screen Protectors

Made from the highest grade Japanese quality glass, Graph Glass screen protectors were designed to protect your most valuable asset on your boat. Graph Glass will protect your fishfinder or chart plotter from the harshest elements in the world.  No more annoying water-spots, scratches, slime stains, salt damage, fingerprints, and most importantly- cracks from impact. Cracks from impact are not covered by standard warranties offered by marine electronic manufacturers. Protect your investment with the added security and protection Graph Glass offers.

HD Clarity – Graph Glass screen protectors are extremely transparent, nearly 100% to be exact. Which enables you to see with clarity and a true view of what your graphs are showing you.





Explosion Proof  – Graph Glass was designed with the highest grade tempered glass to ensure that shattering and glass explosion will not occur.





Anti-Fingerprint – this coating creates a layer of hydrophobic material which prevents grease & fingerprints from sticking to the surface. In addition AF coating allows easy removal of dirt & water-spots from the glass surface.





Oleophobic Coating – creates an oil resistant, anti-fingerprint surface that is impervious to dirt, dust, water, oils, and other particulates resulting in a surface that is easy-to-clean and maintains a cleaner surface longer than untreated glass.





9H Strong – Made from the strongest Japanese quality glass. This makes Graph Glass Screen Protectors virtually impossible to scratch, knick, or crack under most circumstances.





Touch Friendly – at just .33mm thin, Graph Glass Screen Protectors are touch friendly on all units.