A place to find unique, custom and hard to find specialty boat products.

Our Products

Lithium Batteries

Loose that extra weight from the back of your boat and experience the amazing benefits of Lithium.  

Gatorbak Bunk Covers

Prevent hull blisters, nasty sand scratches and get rid if that loose warn out carpet, Gatorbak Xps

Stoltz Bow Rollers

Get rid of that ugly deformed yellow PVC bow roller and get the best roller ever made with a Stoltz Orange Roller

CB Marine Hydrofoils

Tired of that slow lagging hole-shot, always getting beat on takeoff, Supercharge that holeshot with Bailey HydroFoil

Safety Products

If you like going fast you should always consider the risk. Always ware a life jacket and get a LEASH

Boat Bling

Like to show off, stand out from others, bling your boat with some cool custom bling and light it up.

Chargers & Jumpers

Tired of they dead battery, we have many options for chargers and jump starters for on and off the water

Boat Mods

Just want to be cool, or just like a quality rigged boat? we have custom mounts and custom bling for all

Light it up

Here at Drewcraft  we specialize in Premium High Quality products to bling your boat  in style, we carry products from Phashlights, Rubrail Lights, Tribal Whips and a few other quality products.

Seen above is Drew's Personal boat blinged to the max featuring RubRail lights, deck lights and some under water power pole and wake lights.

Be Safe

Safety should always come first when boating and here at Drewcraft we are pleased to offer a great product to help protect from having your outboard come into the boat in the event of an under water collision. The Leash will do just that

Drewcraft  is an authorized  Dealer for Ionic Batteries.

We are Exclusive to BBC for all Lithium Hub Products and have member discounts available

Our partner brands

Drewcraft specializes in Unique, Specialty, Custom Mods and Hard to find boat products. Here at Drewcraft we are all bass fisherman and we personally use every product we sell and we are proud to be partnered with these great manufacturers. Not only do we use thse products but we also have many years experience doing custom installs to many bass boats.  

Company Owner Himself

Its a Hawg

Nice One

A Fighter

And here is old Drewtick himself always taking selfies trying to make his fish look bigger than they are

Phoenix Seat Pedestal Hole Plugs

$18.00 each. and for a limited time decals are now included and FREE Shipping on 2 or more


Stoltz the Best Bow Roller Ever Made

Stoltz Super Rollers Guaranteed to outlast any other roller on the market NEW U.V. stabilized formula will maintain its color much longer Lab tests have proven that Polyurethane has much better cut and abrasion resistance than PVC Will not mark your boat Won’t flat spot Extremely cut resistant Made in the USA LONG LASTING STOLTZ Super


Gatorbaks all Lit up

The Gatorbak Difference – Why Use Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Covers? Gatorbak synthetic bunk covers are a direct replacement for bunk carpeting, providing a soft cushion of protection for your watercraft’s hull.  All gatorbak synthetic bunk covers and bumpers include the following features: Deep ribs – allowing water, salt, and debris to flush away. Durable Synthetic Compound


Ionic Package Deal

Marine and Bass Boat Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Benefits Faster charging Lithium deep cycle batteries charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries. Be fully charged within 2 hours Longer Lasting Lithium deep cycle batteries have a lifespan of 2-4 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries Up to 70% Lighter Lithium deep cycle batteries can help